Thursday, November 3, 2011

FREAKSHOW Hits Comikaze Expo This Weekend!

Hey Los Angeles! Need to get your copy of the FREAKSHOW trade paperback, or get it signed by the creators? Well you're in luck! Co-writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing will be in attendance at this weekend's Comikaze Expo at the LA Convention Center at Booth #144! Not only will we be selling and signing, but you can also come find us on the DARKNESS RISING: NEW VOICES IN HORROR Panel on Saturday at 1pm in Room 4, the TALES OF BREAKING INTO COMICS Panel on Saturday at 3pm in Room 5, and the FUTURE OF DIGITAL COMICS Panel on Sunday at 3pm in Room 306AB! See you there!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FREAKSHOW #3 & Trade Paperback Reviews Hit!

With both the third and final issue and the trade paperback collection of FREAKSHOW on shelves nationwide, we've gotten some great critical feedback on the full saga! Here are some of the things the critics have had to say!

AIN'T IT COOL NEWS: Server and Lanzing have crafted a masterful mystery with their series...The Freaks (and indeed, the entirety of the series itself) are an intriguing blend of classic comic book genres. There’s the obvious superhero influence (especially that of X-MEN) in the protagonists’ abilities (as much a curse as they are assets…again, shades of X-MEN) and their code names. There’s the science fiction element in the scenario of the chemical weapons and the quarantined city, though this also crosses over into the horror genre, bringing to mind such killer virus films as “28 Days Later” and “I Am Legend.” The horror elements are pushed further to the fore in the characters of Psychosis and Rot, both of whom look like they could have stepped out of any number of midnight movies. These disparate elements could have easily made for a thematically jarring read, but Server and Lanzing blend them effortlessly into a backdrop for the characters—which is really what FREAKSHOW is all about.

COMIC BOOK THERAPY: Freakshow progressed at a steady pace from the first issue, increasing in violence and accelerating in cadence until it reached an epic final issue filled to the brim with huge panels of artfully detailed gore and, more importantly, a thick, juicy slab of perfectly cooked writing...It's hard to fill a whole page without revealing any major plot details, because the story is linear enough to leave no loose ends. There's a major plot twist in the end, as there always should be, and it's as exciting to read as it is heartbreaking to fully grasp...I promise, you will not be disappointed.

: There is just an outstanding amount of praise to be thrown at this book. A lot of superhero books try to pull off the outsider or “why me” angles and a number of them fall flat as a lot of those powers bring on some responsibility but not a large percentage of those in the stories are burdened with abilities that mark them as clearly either more than or less than human depending on one’s perspective. In Freakshow the characters can’t escape and hide in normal society due to their appearance. This is then made double in its painful toll as the event that gave them their appearance came at the cost of everyone and everything they had known and they band together like the circus acts of old for community as well as protection.

Hit the links for their full reviews! And thanks to everyone for their coverage and their support! To get *your* copy of the FREAKSHOW trade paperback, contact your local retailer or click here to order a copy directly from Things from Another World!

Monday, August 8, 2011

FREAKSHOW Trade Paperback Hits Stores Wednesday!

That's right - the full collected edition of FREAKSHOW, to date only available at last month's Comic-Con International in San Diego, will officially be hitting stores nationwide this Wednesday, August 10th! Above is a look at our trade dress, including some of the very kind words said about the book from various press outlets as well as from UP IN THE AIR and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS screenwriter (and attached Freakshow movie producer) Sheldon Turner!

Inside the collection, you'll receive not only the entire epic saga including issues #1-3, but also an exclusive pin-up gallery featuring guest artwork from such talents as Drew Rausch (ELDRITCH!), Chris Houghton (Image Comics' REED GUNTHER), Jorge Lacera (concept artist for BIOSHOCK), Francisco Ruiz Velasco (concept artist for HELLBOY II and THE HOBBIT) and more. Additionally, the collection features an introduction from attached Freakshow movie writer-director, Mark Protosevich (screenwriter of I AM LEGEND and THOR)! Be sure to ask your local retailer if they've ordered the trade from Diamond as copies are still available!

Monday, July 18, 2011

FREAKSHOW #3 and Trade Paperback Premiere and Signings at San Diego Comic-Con 2011!

You heard it here first, folks! FREAKSHOW #3, the grand finale, will sneak for sale at this week's San Diego Comic-Con along with the FREAKSHOW Trade Paperback, collecting the entire saga! The Trade Paperback will include an *exclusive* pin-up gallery from some of our extremely talented friends from the comic book, film, and video game industries showing off their takes on our cast of characters. The collected edition also features an introduction by attached FREAKSHOW movie writer/director Mark Protosevich, who is a guest of the convention this year to discuss his screenplay adaptation of the video game MASS EFFECT for Legendary Entertainment.

Both issue #3 and the trade will be available for sale all week at the Ape Entertainment booth, #1804, but the entire creative team (including writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing and artist Joe Suitor) will be at the booth signing from 4-5pm on Thursday, 4-5pm on Friday, 5-6pm on Saturday, and 4-5pm on Sunday! Be sure to swing by and get your copy signed - we'll see you there!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FREAKSHOW #3 and Trade Paperback Head to Print!

That's right, folks! FREAKSHOW #3, our big finale, is en route to the printers! Not only that, but our trade paperback collection of the entire FREAKSHOW saga (including our trade-exclusive pin-up gallery) is also being put together as we speak. We'll update you with in-store dates for both releases when we get them, but both items are currently available for pre-order from Diamond, so have your local retailer request them by name *now* if you want to make sure you get your copy.

Here's an issue #3 sneak peek to help get you motivated. We think the image speaks for itself, but basically, when Stronghold wants something? Stay the hell out of his way.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

FREAKSHOW Movie Mention in The Hollywood Reporter!

The FREAKSHOW movie adaptation got a great shout-out in trade publication The Hollywood Reporter today where it was announced that attached Freakshow writer/director Mark Protosevich is in talks to help Steven Spielberg relaunch the Jurassic Park franchise! We're blown away to be in such amazing creative company, and we want to congratulate Mark on this exciting news - we'll be first in line! Click here to head over to THR to read the full story!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FREAKSHOW #1 Now Available Digitally on Graphicly!

The wait is finally over! Start the FREAKSHOW saga from the very beginning with your very own digital copy of Issue #1!

Thanks to our friends over at Graphicly, you can now purchase our first issue online in its entirety and read it on your desktop, iPad, iPhone or Android. Issues #2 and #3 will also eventually appear on the site as well. Head over to Graphicly's FREAKSHOW page, or purchase the book through the embed below to get started!

Friday, May 13, 2011

FREAKSHOW Fan Art by Alex Tuis, Daniel Vest and Collin Kelly!

One of the most exciting things about launching a new series is discovering all the creative fans out there who want to put their spin on your characters! We've been lucky enough to receive some really awesome fan art since the book launched in January, and we wanted to share some of it with you today.

First up, here's concept artist Alex Tuis' eye-popping take on STRONGHOLD! Alex is a designer whose work can be seen in publishing, video games and film, having worked on such features as FRONTIERE(S) by Xavier Gens, DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION by James Wong, and BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE by Ronnie Yu! Check out more of his oustanding artwork at his official site.

Next up, 3D artist Daniel Vest was kind enough to render two of our characters, CRITTER and ROT, in his unique digital style! Daniel is the creator of the upcoming comic book CODENAME: ZEUS, which you can read all about on his official facebook page!

Finally, our good friend, frequent creative collaborator and fellow recent USC Film School graduate screenwriter Collin Kelly has provided us with an amazing stencil-art rendering of PSYCHOSIS!

Thanks so much to everyone who was inspired to show us their versions of the team! We're fortunate to have such talented and passionate fans. And to any other artists out there who want to take a crack at visualizing something from FREAKSHOW, please send us your take and we'll post it up on the blog and the facebook page as well!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

FREAKSHOW at Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con!

Hey guys! Just a reminder - the FREAKSHOW creative team will all be present at Wizard World's Anaheim Comic Con TODAY (4/30) and TOMORROW (5/1)! Co-writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing can be found at booth #1613, and artist Joe Suitor at #1306. We'll have issue #2 with us to sign, so swing by and say hey! See you over there!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FREAKSHOW #2 In Stores Today!!

FREAKSHOW #2 has hit stores nationwide today! We have confirmed reports that the second issue has arrived in many locations, but certain stores may also be getting their shipments in next week (5/4), so you may want to call ahead to make sure your local comic shop already has their copies in stock. And what say the critics?

The Girly Nerd: Freakshow proved to be an excellent demonstration of action and science fiction in its first book, but it showed its heart, spirit, and message in the second. Writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing have very insightful views on the topics presented. I appreciate the fresh view on the topic that I’ve seen done quite a bit. These guys somehow manage to avoid all the pitfalls and cliches. I am a sucker for old concepts done in new ways and intelligent writing, so this book is dripping with rich, sugary goodness – in the best possible way, of course.

The Fandom Post: Critter as the central focus is the right way to go as he’s the heart of the book and we get to see all sides of the story because of him. What continues to draw me to the book is the way that those that are basically considered the heroes even though others don’t see them that way are basically all science experiments at this point and are still being put through the process. The story progresses here but it doesn’t stray much from what made the first issue both enjoyable and something of a challenge to read and enjoy.

Comics Bulletin: There's no indication of laziness in making either the artwork or the plot, and that shines through. Both issues were a clear indication of the perfect teamwork by the creators. Freakshow has a little bit of everything: disaster, tragedy, genetic mutations, revenge, crazy doctors, mystery, friendship and that gray area of right and wrong. In a short time -- I believe the first issue came out roughly six months ago and the second comes out April 27 -- this series has rapidly become one of my favorites and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in comics.

We're thrilled to see the book continuing to connect with our readers! Hit the links for their full reviews. And be sure to grab *your* copy before it sells out!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Issue #2 Diamond Preview, Comic Book Therapy Review & Trade Paperback Pre-Order!

With FREAKSHOW #2 now officially set for release in comic stores nationwide this Wednesday (4/27), Diamond's PREVIEWS website has launched an exclusive 5 page preview of some interior art from the book, spotlighting us and citing us as "eerie stuff!" Click here to check it out, but beware - MAJOR SPOILERS are found in their selected pages!

Next up, Comic Book Therapy has posted their review of issue #2! Here's an excerpt:

"The art is consistent in style, with a dark, Aeon-Flux-y feel to it, and a style reminiscent of 80’s epics. Every panel is highly detailed, with great colors and good dialogue balance to top it all. There’s an all-around great use of perspective, although the faces may seem a little distorted form time to time. Still, the amount of attention put to corpses makes it all worth it. Buy it, please. I can even loan you the cash"

Thanks, guys! Glad you enjoyed it! Click here for their full review.

Finally, the FREAKSHOW trade paperback, which will be available for sale July 27th 2011, is already available for pre-order! The collection will not only include the full series (including the hard-to-find issue #1), but also an EXCLUSIVE pin-up gallery from some of our very talented friends in the comic book, film, and video game industries! We're geeked to share them with you, so make sure to secure your copy now. Our order code is MAY110811 - tell your local store to order today, or pre-order from Midtown Comics or Urban Collector!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FREAKSHOW #2: In Store Dates & Aint It Cool News Review!

It's been an exciting day here at Freakshow HQ! First off, we received our comp copies of FREAKSHOW #2 from the printers this morning, and they look fantastic! Word from Ape Entertainment is that Diamond got the shipment of the book yesterday, and will likely be putting the book in stores next week on the east coast, and in two weeks on the west coast. Check with your local retailer to make sure they ordered issue #2, and if not, provide them with our issue #2 Diamond order code, DEC100718, and they can still get copies of the book!

Next up, we've got our first review of FREAKSHOW #2, and it's a big one! Ambush Bug of Aint It Cool News weighs in on both issues, and has some very positive things to say! Here's a taste:

"I love the cast of characters, from the bounding Critter to the hulking Stronghold to the decaying Rot to the ghost-like Fog and the insanity of Psychosis. All of these characters are iconically designed with superpowers just as unique...Issue two does a great job of delving deeper into each of the characters' personalities and seeing how they work off one another...Art by Joe Suitor is yet another nice element to this series. His vivid panels are rich with depth, action, and nice angles, plus again, the character designs of these freaks are fantastic. Highly recommended."

WOW! Thanks so much for the support, Bug! Click here for the full review.

We should have issue #2 with us on hand at the Wizard World Anaheim convention at the end of the month, so we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cammy's Comic Corner Interview & Wizard World Anaheim Appearance!

While we eagerly await FREAKSHOW #2 returning from the printer, we've been on a non-stop comic con marathon! Although we were unable to attend the Emerald City Comicon (next year for sure!), we were able to attend both C2E2 in Chicago last month and WonderCon in San Francisco this past weekend. It's been a blast talking to fans and fellow comics professionals about the book, and we've been thrilled with the response we've been getting on all fronts.

During our time walking the floor at WonderCon, we were pleased to be able to conduct a video interview with the awesome team over at Cammy's Comic Corner. Click here to hear their podcast rundown of the convention, and here for their video interview with us about FREAKSHOW. Thanks for all your support, guys! We'll see you at San Diego in July!

And we're not close to done with our convention tour. We're thrilled to announce that the entire FREAKSHOW creative team will be present at this month's Wizard World Anaheim Convention! The event will take place April 29th-May 1st at the Anaheim Convention Center. We'll have our own booths, so please swing by and say hey! We'll update as soon as we have booth specifics. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FREAKSHOW #2 Heads to Printers!

That's right - FREAKSHOW #2 is now locked and on its way to the printers! We'll update you as soon as we have an official in-store date for the book, but to tide you over until then, here's a sneak preview. Rot can take a lot of damage, but with Gaghen's entire army coming down on him, even he may have his limits...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New FREAKSHOW Coverage on CBR, WPR, Comic Booked and Graphic Policy!

We've been doing more of the press rounds to spread the word on FREAKSHOW, so here's the latest rundown!

First up, click here to read our interview with Comic Book Resources, where we discuss the origins of the series and characters, provide some teases about issue #2, and also share some brand new never-before-seen character designs by series artist Joe Suitor!

Next, the guys over at WatchPlayRead caught up with us after their issue #1 review to discuss the writing process that went into the book! We discuss co-writing, finding an artist, and the pitching process. Click here to read more!

Comic Booked followed up on their awesome premiere party coverage with an exclusive interview with Freakshow cover artist and comic book industry legend Darick Robertson to talk about how he got involved in the project! Click here to read Darick's thoughts on the process of creating his variant cover!

Finally, Graphic Policy has reviewed issue #1, and had some glowing things to say!

"The comic shares more with super hero comics than horror. It's main characters might be freaks, but the writing makes you sympathetic towards them. The background as to what caused them to gain their abilities is interesting and different. I don't even know how best to describe the series. It's just fantastic. The mood, story, art, it's all great. Ape Entertainment should have a hit on their hands. Recommendation: Buy."

Thanks so much, guys - so pleased you enjoyed it! Click here for their full review!

Keep it here for more updates as they come in!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stronghold Canvas Sketch by Joe Suitor!

We had a blast at our Freakshow #1 signing event at Golden Apple Comics a couple weeks ago, but one highlight was when fan Jesse Campbell asked artist Joe Suitor for a canvas sketch of a character from the series!

As you can see, Joe jumped right in to oblige and ended up creating a really cool little bit of art that we wanted to share with the rest of you! We contacted Jesse and he sent over this scan of his sketch, depicting one pissed-off Stronghold in extreme close-up. Enjoy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

WatchPlayRead calls FREAKSHOW #1 "A Must Have For Your Hold!"

The guys over at WatchPlayRead have some great things to say about issue #1 of FREAKSHOW!

"Forget all the other top accolades I've given you, I'm easily putting them aside to put Freakshow as the comic I will use to introduce/get people excited about the genre. The writing by David Server & Jackson Lanzing is just damn good. The story is so original and the storytelling puts my bedtime stories I tell my 3 year old to get him to sleep to shame. The setting of a post apocalyptic city and how the characters got their powers through genetic scrambling was good enough for me to read the comic three times."

Consider us flattered - glad you dug it, WPR! Click here to read their full review!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Steve Niles names FREAKSHOW his Creator-Owned Book of the Day!

Famed comic book scribe Steve Niles (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, CRIMINAL MACABRE) has named FREAKSHOW his Creator-Owned Book of the Day via Facebook! Niles has been on a mission to help spotlight creator-owned comics lately, and we're incredibly proud to be on his radar.

Click here to check out Niles' new creator-owned comics column on his official website and find out about some other great creator-owned projects currently on the stands! And thanks again to Mr. Niles for his support on FREAKSHOW!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Release Party Rundown, Fangoria Interview and More Reviews!

It’s been a crazy week here at FREAKSHOW HQ as we’ve been celebrating the release of the book, with exciting developments on several fronts!

First up, intrepid reporter Nicole Sixx of Comic Booked joined us at Golden Apple Comics this past Saturday for our release party blowout. To say it was a once in a lifetime experience still wouldn’t do it justice – so we’ll let Nicole fill you in on the details! Click here to read her Comic Booked Exclusive Report, including photos and a two-part video interview with co-writers David Server & Jackson Lanzing and artist Joe Suitor!

Next, following their rave review of FREAKSHOW #1, Fangoria has posted an interview with series co-creators David Server and Jackson Lanzing, discussing the horror genre’s influence on the series, character designs and future plans! Click here to read the full piece.

And finally, we’ve had more positive reviews flooding in – here are some excerpts!

The Cedar Rapids Comic Books Examiner: The writing team of David Server and Jackson Lanzing put together a cleverly crafted 48 page opener to their three issue series... With beautiful rendered art by Joe Suitor, the team creates an interesting super-powered world without any clear cut good guys and bad guys. Their world exists solely in shades of gray, much like the smoke that surrounds its setting. Did I mention it was 48 pages, in color, for only $3.99? That’s one of the best deals in comics today.”

Comic Book Resources: “Server and Lanzing are obviously setting up the heroes and villains, with Critter wondering if the “freaks” really need to live out in the wasteland and kill anyone who ventures near them…Meanwhile, Suitor’s art is quite good… The “freaks” of the title are neat-looking, and there’s some nice horror touches that make the book a bit scarier.”

Brutal As Hell: This is the kind of comic that comic fans crave…The storytelling in this book is fantastic. This first issue sets everything up with a great premise, and it leaves doors open for a ton of great potential reveals to come…Server and Lanzing’s writing is pitch perfect. They’ve created a unique world here populated by some incredibly interesting characters…Let’s not forget the art work on display here, though. Joe Suitor’s pencils and coloring perfectly define this bleak world, a world full of action, perverse monstrosities, and seeping atmosphere at every corner.”

Once again, we are incredibly excited to see our world and characters catching on with readers. Thanks to everyone for the support! More updates to come!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

FREAKSHOW #1 Signing at Golden Apple Comics TONIGHT!

Hey Los Angeles! Don't forget - the entire FREAKSHOW creative team, including co-writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing, artist Joe Suitor, and special guest variant cover artist and comic book legend Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys) will all be signing FREAKSHOW #1 at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose from 5-7pm TONIGHT!! Trust us - you're not gonna want to miss this!

See you tonight!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


We're thrilled to announce that FREAKSHOW #1 has SOLD OUT at the retailer level! Thanks so much to all the comic book stores who took a chance on us and ordered the book - we couldn't have reached this amazing milestone without your support! For full details, see the Ape Entertainment press release below!



Ape Entertainment is pleased to announce that FREAKSHOW #1, the debut creator-owned comic from creators David Server & Jackson Lanzing with art by rising star Joe Suitor, has sold out from the publisher. This marks an exciting start for the highly anticipated miniseries, which is poised to introduce a new, original brand of post-apocalyptic superhero action to audiences all over the world.

"FREAKSHOW is an incredibly exciting project with roots in the superhero, science-fiction, and horror genres, so we knew we'd be able to turn some heads with comics fans", says Ape Co-Publisher David Hedgecock, "but the response to the book from fans and retailers has been truly overwhelming. We're thrilled to finally get this book into the hands of our readers."

The sell-out follows an auspicious preview run at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, which also sold out on the convention floor. Interest has been bolstered by positive early reviews from such websites as SlashFilm and Comic Book Resources, as well as the attachment of veteran screenwriter Mark Protosevich (I AM LEGEND, THOR, the upcoming MASS EFFECT), who has been announced to write and possibly direct a feature adaptation of the comic for producers Jennifer Klein (PEARL HARBOR) and Sheldon Turner (UP IN THE AIR).

"We've always hoped the world of FREAKSHOW would resonate with people, so the feedback we've gotten so far from fans we've met at conventions and online has been tremendously exciting and gratifying," said Server. "We couldn't be more thankful that retailers are taking a chance on our book," adds Lanzing, "and we plan to reward readers with three issues of characters, story, and art that's like nothing else on the stands."

Since Ape Entertainment recognizes that this sell-out will limit retailers from ordering further copies of FREAKSHOW #1, there are plans to release a digital version of the book as soon as possible. A similar digital format is planned for issues #2 and #3, and details will be announced by Ape upon release.

To find out for yourself why Fangoria gave FREAKSHOW #1 four out of four skulls, calling it "noteworthy and original" with "stylish artwork and attention grabbing storytelling", make sure to contact your local retailer and reserve a copy as soon as possible. The book will be arriving in stores January 26th, and will be followed monthly by issues #2 and #3. Those issues are still available for ordering from Diamond Comics distribution using ordering codes #DEC100718 and #JAN110927 respectively.

For more information about FREAKSHOW, visit

You can also join our 1,200+ member fan community and get exclusive access to original art and updates at

For the latest on Ape Entertainment, including the successful KiZoic line, please visit

So now that you have the scoop - get out there and snag YOUR copy before it's too late!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today's the day - FREAKSHOW #1 is officially in stores nationwide! And we're thrilled to report that it looks like the critics like what they see! Here's some of the tremendous press we've received recently: "With a 48 page opening issue, Freakshow has the time to really spend on working over the setting and introducing the characters without feeling rushed...There's a lot to like here, especially if you're not keen on the whole superhero thing, and it has a really good polish about it that lets it stand out. Definitely worth checking out, especially for the number of pages there are for it."

Comic Book Therapy
: "Even for the first issue, the characters show a depth that very few people achieve, and I had a geekgasm over it. I love the fact that there are no dumb text boxes explaining anything to anyone. It makes the reader feel like they'd just intruded in someone else's conversation. It puts you in a position where you are afraid to search for explanations out of fear of missing something important. It's beautiful."

The Pop Culture Network: "APE Entertainment has a gem of a comic in Freakshow. The characters all have unique voices and visual styles. The story is engaging, visceral and intelligent. The villain is evil and despicable without being too cartoony and overdone. Freakshow is currently being solicited as a 3 issue story, but if this first issue is any indication, an ongoing series could easily be centered around this group of Freaks, if not just [Critter] himself."

: "I can't stop thinking how refreshing this read was. I've got just as bad a taste in my mouth left over from the decades of post-apocalyptic comics crowding the shelves as you do. But this book, believe me, is different. The Lanzing/Server/Suitor team has graced the earth with a gift, kids, that gift, is Freakshow. Freakshow #1 gets a 5 out of 5."

WOW! Thanks to everyone for all the amazing praise! Hit the links to read their full reviews. And go grab YOUR copy of FREAKSHOW #1 today - before it runs out!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Comic Book Therapy Calls FREAKSHOW #1 "Engaging" and "Interesting!"

Another great review of FREAKSHOW #1 came in today from Comic Book Therapy! Here's an excerpt:

"Writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing write each character with a clear and distinct personality, even minor characters feel well fleshed out...Right away you know who these characters are so you don't have to worry about a heavy narrative into their backstories to get a grasp of who they are...The art is amazing! Joe Suitor did a fine job on art duties. Reading this book made it feel like I was looking at still shots from an animated feature. The cell-shaded coloring combines with many well composed panels and rack focus effects really give the sense that you're looking at something very cinematic."

Wow! Much appreciated, guys! Click here for their full review. And don't forget - FREAKSHOW #1 will be available in your local comic shop TOMORROW, so get ready to snag your copy soon!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FREAKSHOW #1 Signing Event at Golden Apple Comics!

FREAKSHOW #1 drops in comics shops nationwide next week, and we're celebrating in style!

The guys over at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles have graciously agreed to host us on Saturday, January 29th from 5-7pm to celebrate the book's release, and the whole creative team, including co-writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing and artist Joe Suitor, will be on hand to sign copies and hang out! Not only that, but issue #1 variant cover artist and comic book industry legend Darick Robertson (of TRANSMETROPOLITAN and THE BOYS fame) will also be in the store signing with us! We're thrilled and excited to co-host this event with Golden Apple, and hope you'll come join us to celebrate and get your copy! Click here for all the details and to RSVP via Facebook!

See you there!

Monday, January 17, 2011

FANGORIA On FREAKSHOW #1: "Highly Recommended!"

This just in! Leading horror genre publication FANGORIA has reviewed FREAKSHOW #1, giving us four out of four skulls! Here's an excerpt from their review:

"Writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing have spent tremendous effort building the apocalyptic setting and characters. At a gradual pace, they reveal clues about their freakish characters, giving each member of the group a chance to breathe...Joe Suitor's artwork is quite pulpy and effective, with each monster standing out on their own due to their specific designs."

Thanks so much for the kind words! Click here to read their full review!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet Psychosis at!

Happy New Year, FREAKSHOW fans! Hope your 2011 is off to a great start. To help kick off the new year right, we've cooked up an exclusive interview with the folks over at Comic Booked! For a sneak preview of the team's twisted telepath Psychosis, including an exclusive full splash page of art previewed above and an interview with the creative team conducted by series editor Isaiah Samson, click here now! And don't forget, the book drops THIS MONTH on January 26th, so expect more in the weeks leading up to release. Now - enter the mind of Psychosis...if you dare!