Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Comic Book Therapy Calls FREAKSHOW #1 "Engaging" and "Interesting!"

Another great review of FREAKSHOW #1 came in today from Comic Book Therapy! Here's an excerpt:

"Writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing write each character with a clear and distinct personality, even minor characters feel well fleshed out...Right away you know who these characters are so you don't have to worry about a heavy narrative into their backstories to get a grasp of who they are...The art is amazing! Joe Suitor did a fine job on art duties. Reading this book made it feel like I was looking at still shots from an animated feature. The cell-shaded coloring combines with many well composed panels and rack focus effects really give the sense that you're looking at something very cinematic."

Wow! Much appreciated, guys! Click here for their full review. And don't forget - FREAKSHOW #1 will be available in your local comic shop TOMORROW, so get ready to snag your copy soon!

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