Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today's the day - FREAKSHOW #1 is officially in stores nationwide! And we're thrilled to report that it looks like the critics like what they see! Here's some of the tremendous press we've received recently: "With a 48 page opening issue, Freakshow has the time to really spend on working over the setting and introducing the characters without feeling rushed...There's a lot to like here, especially if you're not keen on the whole superhero thing, and it has a really good polish about it that lets it stand out. Definitely worth checking out, especially for the number of pages there are for it."

Comic Book Therapy
: "Even for the first issue, the characters show a depth that very few people achieve, and I had a geekgasm over it. I love the fact that there are no dumb text boxes explaining anything to anyone. It makes the reader feel like they'd just intruded in someone else's conversation. It puts you in a position where you are afraid to search for explanations out of fear of missing something important. It's beautiful."

The Pop Culture Network: "APE Entertainment has a gem of a comic in Freakshow. The characters all have unique voices and visual styles. The story is engaging, visceral and intelligent. The villain is evil and despicable without being too cartoony and overdone. Freakshow is currently being solicited as a 3 issue story, but if this first issue is any indication, an ongoing series could easily be centered around this group of Freaks, if not just [Critter] himself."

: "I can't stop thinking how refreshing this read was. I've got just as bad a taste in my mouth left over from the decades of post-apocalyptic comics crowding the shelves as you do. But this book, believe me, is different. The Lanzing/Server/Suitor team has graced the earth with a gift, kids, that gift, is Freakshow. Freakshow #1 gets a 5 out of 5."

WOW! Thanks to everyone for all the amazing praise! Hit the links to read their full reviews. And go grab YOUR copy of FREAKSHOW #1 today - before it runs out!

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