Friday, May 13, 2011

FREAKSHOW Fan Art by Alex Tuis, Daniel Vest and Collin Kelly!

One of the most exciting things about launching a new series is discovering all the creative fans out there who want to put their spin on your characters! We've been lucky enough to receive some really awesome fan art since the book launched in January, and we wanted to share some of it with you today.

First up, here's concept artist Alex Tuis' eye-popping take on STRONGHOLD! Alex is a designer whose work can be seen in publishing, video games and film, having worked on such features as FRONTIERE(S) by Xavier Gens, DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION by James Wong, and BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE by Ronnie Yu! Check out more of his oustanding artwork at his official site.

Next up, 3D artist Daniel Vest was kind enough to render two of our characters, CRITTER and ROT, in his unique digital style! Daniel is the creator of the upcoming comic book CODENAME: ZEUS, which you can read all about on his official facebook page!

Finally, our good friend, frequent creative collaborator and fellow recent USC Film School graduate screenwriter Collin Kelly has provided us with an amazing stencil-art rendering of PSYCHOSIS!

Thanks so much to everyone who was inspired to show us their versions of the team! We're fortunate to have such talented and passionate fans. And to any other artists out there who want to take a crack at visualizing something from FREAKSHOW, please send us your take and we'll post it up on the blog and the facebook page as well!