Monday, February 7, 2011

Stronghold Canvas Sketch by Joe Suitor!

We had a blast at our Freakshow #1 signing event at Golden Apple Comics a couple weeks ago, but one highlight was when fan Jesse Campbell asked artist Joe Suitor for a canvas sketch of a character from the series!

As you can see, Joe jumped right in to oblige and ended up creating a really cool little bit of art that we wanted to share with the rest of you! We contacted Jesse and he sent over this scan of his sketch, depicting one pissed-off Stronghold in extreme close-up. Enjoy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

WatchPlayRead calls FREAKSHOW #1 "A Must Have For Your Hold!"

The guys over at WatchPlayRead have some great things to say about issue #1 of FREAKSHOW!

"Forget all the other top accolades I've given you, I'm easily putting them aside to put Freakshow as the comic I will use to introduce/get people excited about the genre. The writing by David Server & Jackson Lanzing is just damn good. The story is so original and the storytelling puts my bedtime stories I tell my 3 year old to get him to sleep to shame. The setting of a post apocalyptic city and how the characters got their powers through genetic scrambling was good enough for me to read the comic three times."

Consider us flattered - glad you dug it, WPR! Click here to read their full review!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Steve Niles names FREAKSHOW his Creator-Owned Book of the Day!

Famed comic book scribe Steve Niles (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, CRIMINAL MACABRE) has named FREAKSHOW his Creator-Owned Book of the Day via Facebook! Niles has been on a mission to help spotlight creator-owned comics lately, and we're incredibly proud to be on his radar.

Click here to check out Niles' new creator-owned comics column on his official website and find out about some other great creator-owned projects currently on the stands! And thanks again to Mr. Niles for his support on FREAKSHOW!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Release Party Rundown, Fangoria Interview and More Reviews!

It’s been a crazy week here at FREAKSHOW HQ as we’ve been celebrating the release of the book, with exciting developments on several fronts!

First up, intrepid reporter Nicole Sixx of Comic Booked joined us at Golden Apple Comics this past Saturday for our release party blowout. To say it was a once in a lifetime experience still wouldn’t do it justice – so we’ll let Nicole fill you in on the details! Click here to read her Comic Booked Exclusive Report, including photos and a two-part video interview with co-writers David Server & Jackson Lanzing and artist Joe Suitor!

Next, following their rave review of FREAKSHOW #1, Fangoria has posted an interview with series co-creators David Server and Jackson Lanzing, discussing the horror genre’s influence on the series, character designs and future plans! Click here to read the full piece.

And finally, we’ve had more positive reviews flooding in – here are some excerpts!

The Cedar Rapids Comic Books Examiner: The writing team of David Server and Jackson Lanzing put together a cleverly crafted 48 page opener to their three issue series... With beautiful rendered art by Joe Suitor, the team creates an interesting super-powered world without any clear cut good guys and bad guys. Their world exists solely in shades of gray, much like the smoke that surrounds its setting. Did I mention it was 48 pages, in color, for only $3.99? That’s one of the best deals in comics today.”

Comic Book Resources: “Server and Lanzing are obviously setting up the heroes and villains, with Critter wondering if the “freaks” really need to live out in the wasteland and kill anyone who ventures near them…Meanwhile, Suitor’s art is quite good… The “freaks” of the title are neat-looking, and there’s some nice horror touches that make the book a bit scarier.”

Brutal As Hell: This is the kind of comic that comic fans crave…The storytelling in this book is fantastic. This first issue sets everything up with a great premise, and it leaves doors open for a ton of great potential reveals to come…Server and Lanzing’s writing is pitch perfect. They’ve created a unique world here populated by some incredibly interesting characters…Let’s not forget the art work on display here, though. Joe Suitor’s pencils and coloring perfectly define this bleak world, a world full of action, perverse monstrosities, and seeping atmosphere at every corner.”

Once again, we are incredibly excited to see our world and characters catching on with readers. Thanks to everyone for the support! More updates to come!