Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to Freakshow!

What if a freak chemical accident changed you, but didn’t leave you with idyllic superpowers? What if instead, you were left monstrous and defective, something simultaneously more and less than human? Would you use your abilities to help others…or to seek revenge against those responsible?

Welcome to FREAKSHOW, the debut comic book from writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing, with art by rising star Joe Suitor! Issue #1 will be coming to a comic shop near you in early 2009 from APE ENTERTAINMENT, but we’ll be updating this production blog with information, teases, and the occasional look inside our creative process between now and then.

We’re hard at work behind-the-scenes at the moment, but hopefully some of you were directed here via our San Diego Comic-Con limited edition mini-posters from the Ape booth, now available here on the blog. Click any of the images for your first peek at the cast of the series, STRONGHOLD, ROT, PSYCHOSIS, FOG, and CRITTER. And keep it here for more updates soon!

-The Freakshow Team

Freakshow Teaser Images