Friday, February 4, 2011

WatchPlayRead calls FREAKSHOW #1 "A Must Have For Your Hold!"

The guys over at WatchPlayRead have some great things to say about issue #1 of FREAKSHOW!

"Forget all the other top accolades I've given you, I'm easily putting them aside to put Freakshow as the comic I will use to introduce/get people excited about the genre. The writing by David Server & Jackson Lanzing is just damn good. The story is so original and the storytelling puts my bedtime stories I tell my 3 year old to get him to sleep to shame. The setting of a post apocalyptic city and how the characters got their powers through genetic scrambling was good enough for me to read the comic three times."

Consider us flattered - glad you dug it, WPR! Click here to read their full review!

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