Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FREAKSHOW #2 In Stores Today!!

FREAKSHOW #2 has hit stores nationwide today! We have confirmed reports that the second issue has arrived in many locations, but certain stores may also be getting their shipments in next week (5/4), so you may want to call ahead to make sure your local comic shop already has their copies in stock. And what say the critics?

The Girly Nerd: Freakshow proved to be an excellent demonstration of action and science fiction in its first book, but it showed its heart, spirit, and message in the second. Writers David Server and Jackson Lanzing have very insightful views on the topics presented. I appreciate the fresh view on the topic that I’ve seen done quite a bit. These guys somehow manage to avoid all the pitfalls and cliches. I am a sucker for old concepts done in new ways and intelligent writing, so this book is dripping with rich, sugary goodness – in the best possible way, of course.

The Fandom Post: Critter as the central focus is the right way to go as he’s the heart of the book and we get to see all sides of the story because of him. What continues to draw me to the book is the way that those that are basically considered the heroes even though others don’t see them that way are basically all science experiments at this point and are still being put through the process. The story progresses here but it doesn’t stray much from what made the first issue both enjoyable and something of a challenge to read and enjoy.

Comics Bulletin: There's no indication of laziness in making either the artwork or the plot, and that shines through. Both issues were a clear indication of the perfect teamwork by the creators. Freakshow has a little bit of everything: disaster, tragedy, genetic mutations, revenge, crazy doctors, mystery, friendship and that gray area of right and wrong. In a short time -- I believe the first issue came out roughly six months ago and the second comes out April 27 -- this series has rapidly become one of my favorites and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in comics.

We're thrilled to see the book continuing to connect with our readers! Hit the links for their full reviews. And be sure to grab *your* copy before it sells out!

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