Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When it rains, it pours! In a quote recently added to yesterday's VARIETY story, FREAKSHOW's newly appointed movie mastermind Mark Protosevich (I AM LEGEND, THOR) has some glowing things to say about the book, and we're honored!

"In terms of experiencing moments of creative inspiration, reading 'Freakshow' was like being struck by lightning," Protosevich said. "Weird, exciting, unsettling lightning. David and Jack created a rich, emotional superhero story, but one that's infused with elements of science fiction, post-apocalyptic action, and horror. For me, an irresistible combination. Plus, Joe's artwork is absolutely stunning. I knew instantly that it had to be a movie, but more than that, I knew I wanted to be the one who makes it."

Wow! Thanks a million, Mark!

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