Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The Con is done and the FREAKSHOW #1 is in the hands of the die-hard fans, but there's one cool piece of content we haven't gotten to share yet. And it's not a pin-up, or a short story, or a cool behind-the-scenes glimpse. No, this is something new.


Composed by the insanely talented Jay Vincent, this incredible piece of music moves from a bombastic Freakshow theme into a softer, Critter-centric suite, before returning to its roots in heroic fashion. It's intense, beautiful, and truly evocative of the story and emotion that has embodied Freakshow from the beginning. We're truly flattered by the amazing work done by everyone involved, and we're very excited to finally show it off. This'll be adorning the website in the months to come, and we might even be cutting a cool motion comic trailer for the book if you demand it!

So go ahead and take a listen! And if you like, make sure others take a listen too! (But not on Internet Explorer, sorry - this code only works for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. We're working on it.)

For more excellent music by Mr. Vincent, check out his website.

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The Scientist said...

Reminds me of Secret Chiefs 3. Very cool.