Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FREAKSHOW #2 Solicitation Info Hits Newsarama!

Newsarama has the world premiere of the Diamond Previews catalogue solicitation text for issue #2 of FREAKSHOW, shipping to stores in February 2011! What can you expect in the second installment? Take a look!

With their mysterious campaign for vengeance uncovered, the team is forced to fight on their own turf as Dr. Gaghen's troops swarm the abandoned school. Critter's down - who's next? It's a desperate struggle for survival that will leave permanent scars on both sides, and force long-buried secrets to rise...

You're gonna have to pick up the issue come February for more! We'll have the order code shortly so you can place your order with your local retailer. Plus - keep an eye out for the premiere of FREAKSHOW artist Joe Suitor's issue #2 cover art here on the blog soon! Trust us, you're gonna want to see this!

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